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Qualification              :           M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph. D., B.L.,

Present Position         :           Associate  Professor

Address                    :  

Department of Immunology
School of Biological Sciences
Madurai Kamaraj University
Madurai – 625 021.
Phone (O): 0452- 2458269 Extn: 315
0452- 2458418 Extn: 391
(M): 98421-14117
e-mail: immunobala@rediffmail.com

Area of research          :           Immunogenetics, Immunogenomics & Immunobioprospecting

Brief write up  about the research work:

Currently working on HLA immunonogenomics of south Indian population groups including tribes and gypsies. Profiling HLA in diseases such as diabetes, cardiac disorders, kidney failure (adults) and nephritic syndrome (pediatric). Operating research projects funded by DRDO and BRNS.  As Course Co-ordinator, offering DBT sponsored one year post M.Sc advanced Diploma in Molecular Diagnostics since 2008-2009 (five years program).   Extending HLA tissue typing and cross-match services to various hospitals of southern Tamil Nadu for more than two decades. Periodically conducting training workshops for research scholars, teaching staffs from various academic institutions in the area of Immunology and Immunotechnology. Participated in the National Geographic sponsored project – ‘The Journey of Man’.

Honors & Recognition:

  1. Passed UGC NET JRF examination - 1986.


  1. Awarded Robert Cochrane Overseas Travel Fellowship from Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, London, UK for training in microsatellite mapping in leprosy families at Welcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford, UK - 1996.
  1. Awarded FIMSA/IUIS travel bursary to attend Indian Immunology Congress (New Delhi, 2007)

Ongoing Research project:

Sl No.

Title of Project

Funding Agency




“Advanced Diploma in Molecular Diagnostics”
(Post-PG level)

DBT, Govt. of    India,
New Delhi


(On going)


Rs. 75,00,000/-


“Screening of in vivo Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) as a health index in  subjects exposed to mobile phone induced electromagnetic radiation and its             association with HLA genes”


DRDO-LSRB, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India,
New Delhi


(On going)



Rs. 15,98,300/-


The structure of the Vitellogenin receptor from Lepidoptera

British Council, UK


(On going)

26.6 lakhs


Studies and Evaluation of larvicidal effects and doses of Electron Beam using Microtron irradiation as an effective method for pest control (Co-PI)

Department of Atomic Energy (DAE)

(On going)

Rs.18, 92,420/-


Recent Publication:


Ruby Siddiqui M, S Meisner, K Tosh , K Balakrishnan, S Ghel, S E Fisher, M Golding, N P S Narayan, T Sitaraman, U Sengupta, RM Pitchappan, and A V S Hill (2001). A major susceptibility locus for leprosy in India maps to chromosome 10p13. NATURE GENETICS. 27: 439-441.

Spencer Wells R, N Yuldasheva, R Ruzibakiev, P A Underhill, I Evseeva, J Blue-Smith, L Gin, B Su, RM Pitchappan, S Shanmugalakshmi, K Balakrishnan, M Read, N M Pearson, T Zerjal, M T Webster, I Zholoshvili, E Jamarjshvili, S Gambarov, B Nikbin, A Dostiev, O
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Tosh K, S Meisner , M Ruby Siddiqui , K Balakrishnan, S Ghei, M Golding, U Sengupta, R M Pitchappan, and A V S Hill (2002). A region of Chromosome 20 is linked to Leprosy Susceptibility in a South Indian population. JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES. 186:1190-1193.


Shanmugalakshmi S, K Balakrishnan, K Manoharan and R M Pitchappan (2003). HLA- DRB1*, - DQB1* study in Piramalai Kallars and Yadhavas: two Dravidian-speaking castes of Tamil Nadu, South India.  TISSUE ANTIGENS. 61:1-14.

Asha Devi N K, M Jeyarani and K Balakrishnan (2006). Isolation of Marine Actinomycetes and their Potential in antimicrobial activity. PakistanI Journal of BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE. 9 (3): 470-472.

Asha Devi, N K, R Gopal, K. Balakrishnan and S Padmavathy (2006). High potential bioactive compounds in marine microorganisms. Advanced Biotech.Vol.V:06:20-24. 

Asha Devi N K, R Gopal, K Balakrishnan and S Padmavathy (2007). Antibacterial and antifungal activity of marine bacteria from Gulf of Mannar resources. Journal of Current Sciences. 243-246.

Rathika C, S M Fazeela Mahaboob Begum, K Balakrishnan (2007). Antimicrobial properties of selected coastal plants and marine algae from East cost of Tamil Nadu. Indian J.  Environ.  Ecoplan. 14 (1-2): 297-302.

Asha Devi N K, K Balakrishnan, R Gopal and S Padmavathy (2008).  A Novel Bacillus clausii MB9 from the East coast regions of India: Isolation, biochemical characterization and antimicrobial potentials. Curr. Sci.  95(5): 627-636.